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Rose Point Marina and Resort is a project that has the permission of the Navy of Peru.


Dictatorial resolution: N° 648-2021/MGP/DICAPI del 23 Set. 2021


SF Marina Project Development AB is the investment and development entity of the SF Marina Group

Sweden. Backed by Swedish Government Guarantees, SF Marina Project Development and SF Investments GmbH Switzerland  control specific compartment sources of Luxemburg based investments funds allocated for the investment in Rose Point Marina and Resort.



SF Marina Systems has a 100 year track record of successful worldwide fabrication and installation of 

floating concrete platforms, breakwaters and pontoons, including all required accessorial equipment. Providing cutting edge technology in concrete floating solutions, SF Marina Systems is the worldwide leader in Marina solutions at the highest safety standards and comfort.


Pacific Marina Developments, a partnership between SF Marina Project Development and Pacific Marina Developments, will manage the project at all times, ensuring the best solutions for customers from the first day and modeling the perfect package for future resort members.

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